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Before we tell you "what's new" let's talk a little bit about the History of WashGuys and how it all started. You see, was not always WashGuys. It started back in 1979 when Lance Winslow started cleaning aircraft at the local airport. Back then the Lance called the company Speedy Waxers, then Aero Wash, then Aero-Auto Wash. Once Lance was old enough to drive a car, he re-built an old 1954 Chevy Pick-up Truck to work out of and then was able to wash cars, trucks and the aircraft at the local airport too.

Soon he had signed up accounts with the California Highway Patrol, United States Post Office, Coca-Cola Bottling Company and Budweiser to clean their vehicles. Lance Winslow's aircraft washing business had grown as well, within a few years, while Lance was still in high-school the business had experienced incredible growth. Lance decided to go to a local community college so he could run his business and passed on a track scholarship.

The country was heading into recession, but Lance's business was doing great as companies outsourced in order to save money. Lance Winslow and his team had more business than they could have ever imagined. Soon they were washing 25% of the fleets in the county. Lance knew things were getting big, so he hired independent contractors to assist and went out to sell even more accounts.

The company kept growing and experienced some competition, but Winslow's team always prevailed. Eventually, there were so many crews cleaning cars at office buildings that Lance changed the name to The Car Wash Guys, with a Truck Wash Guys subsidiary. Within six years the company had 53 units operating in 39-cities. It was time to make it a Franchise and take it to the Sun Belt States and perhaps to Europe. After a couple of years designing the perfect franchise system, getting the legal aspect out of the way and completing all the manuals, it was ready for Lance Winslow to go for it.

After receiving the State of California Franchise Registration, PBS called Lance to do a story on his company, apparently folks had been talking about the Car Wash Guys in the franchising industry as well as all the customers through word of mouth. After the show aired over 350 folks called in to buy a franchise, but Lance Winslow was not ready to expand that fast just yet. So, he choose 20 of the best franchise candidates in key markets and grew once again by leaps and bounds.

Regional Variation was taking it's toll on the growing company. Every market was slightly different. Eventually however, Mr. Winslow had expanded into 23 states operating in 450 cities and 110 major markets. Four countries in all. As each franchise grew, they discovered additional markets and new things to wash. One franchise was cleaning Super Sized dump trucks at a Gold and Copper Mine, another was cleaning decks, still another washing rail cars for Florida Light and Power and CSX Railways.

Over time the company was cleaning Hockey Stadiums, Amusement Parks, Military Aircraft, Car Dealerships and some of the largest trucking companies in the United States. Who would have thought a little business started by 12-year old little Lance Winslow could have grown so large? Still, there was more business to be had. Some franchisees started doing Mobile Oil Changes and high-end Yachts at some of the most exclusive marinas.

Lance Winslow sold most of the larger accounts in 2001 prior to 911 and retired at age 40. Lance allowed the existing franchisees to continue without royalties, many are still operating, perhaps you have something washed by one of the many companies Mr. Winslow started, or perhaps the corporation he sold to is washing the truck fleet at your company? Lance often looks back and thanks America and Free-Enterprise for such a great run.

Today, Lance Winslow does some business consulting and little bit of writing in his retirement, considering on Act II, something that will be challenging fun and worthwhile.

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Today, Lance Winslow is the most prolific online article writer in human history with 30,000 articles posted. He also has 189 eBooks and has written some nearly 15-million words.

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